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The Mutual Fund Merry-Go-Round
Individual investors should take control of their financial destinies, educate themselves, avoid sales pitches and invest in a well-diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds.
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Sierra Nevada Wealth to Help NFL Players in case of Lockout
Please see the attached press release, “Sierra Nevada Wealth to Waive Management Fees in case of NFL Lockout.”
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Put client interests first? Horror!

In poll after poll, the public continues to indicate that they believe brokerage houses are required to operate in the clients’ best interests. Unfortunately, most learn the hard way that this is 100% false.
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Portfolio Management, 101
In many ways, the essence of portfolio management is managing the relationships between the assets in your portfolio.
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Sierra Nevada Wealth Mangement Acquires Trust Company
Check out the press release on the latest news from Sierra Nevada Wealth Management.
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Retirees Duped into Risky Investments

Structured notes are just the latest example of individual investors being pushed into sophisticated investments, with risks either lacking disclosure or product complexity being so high that the average investor has no idea of what they are being sold.
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A Wise Year for Giving?

While much attention has been given to the fact that there is no estate tax this year, there is another way to help your heirs this year.
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Selecting and Sizing Alternative Investments

This recent article, written by Greg Crawford, details how alternative investments can improve the diversification and performance characteristics in portfolios.
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ETFs for the Wealthy

Exchange traded funds (“ETFs”), once used as simple building blocks of “beta” exposure in small accounts, have become more sophisticated and can be effective tools used in a number of high-net worth portfolios.
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Why the brokerage makes money and you don’t

This recent article in the New York Times highlights the multiple ways in which a brokerage house does not serve your best interest. Unlike what the article suggests, you don’t have to “learn to live with it.”
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When 100% “Protected” Equals Zero
This recent article from the NY Times highlights a consistent problem we see – high commission products being shoehorned into portfolios.
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The Game is Rigged

Many people have been inquiring about the Goldman Sachs situation in our offices. While conflicts of interest plague brokerage houses (not our firm), the allegations in this case are particularly disturbing.
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A Plan for Pro Athletes
Unfortunately there are a lot of examples of those who come into sudden wealth at a young age who ultimately lose their financial footing and declare bankruptcy. This does not have to happen.
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A Decade of Violated Trust

Every industry and business faces challenges; however the recent developments in our industry have challenged the very core of finance.
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