Financial News


As an independent firm owned entirely by its employees, Sierra Nevada Wealth Management offers several distinct advantages to clients when compared to other outlets and sources for investment management and financial services. 


We Serve Your Interests, and Yours Alone

At Sierra Nevada Wealth Management, our compensation comes exclusively and directly from our clients.  We accept no commissions, referral fees or expense reimbursement of any type from any other source.  We do not work for a brokerage, bank or insurance company.  We are not salesmen in “advisors” clothing.  We are beholden to do the best for our clients, and our clients alone.    This allows us to make unbiased recommendations and execute them at the most favorable end cost to our clients. 


Clear Compensation

The fees our clients pay are determined in advance and easily calculated.  Clients can then decide if in fact they are receiving value for the services performed.  In other common financial services arrangements costs are difficult, if not impossible, to determine and are driven by the types of products the client buys, and the frequency with which changes to the account are made.  This works counter to the interests of most investors. 


No Proprietary or Platform Restrictions

Investment opportunities continue to expand exponentially, faster than any one organizational platform can evolve.  Sierra Nevada Wealth Management has partnered with one of the largest institutional brokerages in the United States to provide back office services (Schwab Institutional) but retains the flexibility of an independent firm to invest in the widest array of traditional and alternative investments, unencumbered by any exclusivity or employment relationship.  Our open architecture gives us the greatest flexibility to design optimal portfolios for our clients. 


Institutional Expertise and Insight

The growing complexity of investment opportunities requires specialized expertise in the areas of strategy evaluation, risk-adjusted performance and due diligence.  At the same time, the ability to achieve “average” performance levels is becoming less and less expensive.  This allows for the reallocation of investment management fees to investments which offer the prospects for outperformance, or to other areas of a financial profile, including comprehensive financial planning.  The principals of SNWM have extensive experience in these areas and balance these considerations with each client’s situation and objectives.


Firm Stability and Durability

The principals are the only owners of Sierra Nevada Wealth Management.  You will always deal with us.  We will not be transferred, reassigned or hop to another firm for a “better deal.”  We will not exit the business after a bad market “quarter or two.”  We like working with our clients, simplifying the complex world of finances and helping them achieve their financial objectives at the lowest possible risk levels.  We enjoy what we do.


Fiduciary Responsibility

We encourage all investors, including those who do not work with us, to only work with those financial advisors who have a legal, fiduciary responsibility to serve the interests of their clients.  It is important enough that we created a separate page on this subject.